About the Lessons

Center Stage Ukulele Academy is a leading provider of video ukulele lessons online for beginners, skill development, and mastering your favorite songs. Private ukulele lessons can be expensive and inconvenient. We provide a great alternative while maintaining a one on one, private lesson feel. Watch the video below to learn more about our service.

Video Transcript

Ever tried to learn a ukulele song on YouTube? It’s so hit or miss. Sometimes there’s fuzzy video, bad chords, or they don’t even teach you the whole song. At Center Stage Ukulele Academy, we fixed all that stuff. Now you can watch multi=camera, HD videos with professional instructors that teach you how to play your favorite songs on the ukulele. Whether you’re just starting out with your first uke or expaning your set list for your next gig. We provide accurate, printable tab and chord charts for every song. Try finding that on YouTube, Take our lessons for a free test drive and see for yourself at csukuleleacademy.com, If you like it, a full subscription with unlimited access to all our lessons on your computer, tablet, or even on the go is more affordable than you think, And there’s no long term commitments. Csukuleleacademy.com. Beginner uke lessons that get you playing your favorite songs in no time, It’d the affordable alternative to the crazy world of YouTube. Try it today.

Lesson Directory

Below are a list of the main categories we offer. Click on a category to show the subcategories and the list of lessons we offer.

In this category you will find the most recent lessons that have been published.

The Beginner Course lessons are for those learning ukulele for the first time or those that want to go back and brush up on basics they may have missed along the way. We have a very extensive beginner program that will provide the foundation you need to achieve all your desired musical goals. These lessons cover beginner technique, basic chords, reading lead sheets and tabs, and simple songs.

The Skill Lessons focus on specific areas of study such as chords, scales, and theory. The lessons are here to help you develop skills that can be used in any genre and form a deeper understanding of certain topics.

The Song Lessons are a collection of studies on popular songs from many genres. Learn how to play your favorite songs, arranged for ukulele, with accurate tabs to supplement the video instruction. Each lesson covers all the sections of the song.

The Volume Category includes all the ukulele lessons available on the site in the order that we produced them. They are not arranged in any particular order.