We offer a variety of additional features to help in your ukulele learning journey. From chord diagrams to song tabs, we do our very best to provide the essential tools you will need along the way. Center Stage provides the absolute best way to learn ukulele.

Song Library

Choose from over 75 song lessons and counting in our extensive song study library.  From classics to today’s hits, there are songs in a variety of genres.  All songs include accurate tabs and are rated for difficulty so you can find songs to study at your proficiency level.

New Lessons

In an effort to keep expanding, Center Stage Ukulele Academy is committed to providing at least 10 new lessons every month. New lessons could include song(s) or specific skill lessons.

Song Requests

Center Stage Ukulele Academy is one of the only ukulele lesson providers that give you the opportunity to request a specific song lesson.  All of the song lessons produced are based on the requests of current members.  While it is not guaranteed that your request will be taught, it does help the instructors determine new material.

Additional Material

Center Stage Ukulele Academy gives the student additional material with the lessons. Additional material will consist of tabs and charts to your favorite popular tunes that correspond to the lessons. We will also include downloadable diagrams to help you with chord and scale fingerings.

Search Bar

The Search Bar allows you to quickly search the lesson database by typing in keywords related to a specific topic, song title, or artist. The easy-to-use platform helps you learn ukulele while enjoying the journey.