I've always wanted to learn the ukulele finding a ukulele teacher for one
on one lessons was not an easy task. Then my friend suggested youtube and I
thought, why didn't i think of that? But youtube reminds me of my daughters
messy room. I know what I'm looking for but can't seem to find it. The one
good thing I did happen to find was a lesson from Center Stage Ukulele
Academy. I decided to join and I have to say I am glad I found it. I tasked
myself to learn how to play a song in a week and did it within 4 days. The
site is easy to use and I can go over a lesson as much as I need to get it
right.. Definitely well worth it. I'm a fan..
Veronica Stecker
Center Stage Ukulele is hands down the easiest way to learn. I had never picked up a stringed instrument before in my life and within the first hour of picking up my Ukulele, I could play a full song (and it actually sounded good!) Thanks to Ashley and Brian. The instructors are knowledgable and even teach the small things like how to hold your uke and how to strum. It's the little details that make you feel comfortable that you're being taught the right way by the best instructors out there, and confident to keep learning more songs!
Shelly Valentine - Former Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader

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“I have just started with Center Stage but already have found it much better than the other instruction sites I have used. Center Stage is thorough and covers basics but also provides challenge.”

“The online instruction is excellent. The instructor always gives a fun song to play after he instructs a lesson. My daughter loves applying what she has learned to a hip beat!”

“A great program, and in my opinion, a perfect way to learn the ukulele. You can repeat the parts of the lesson that are difficult or work through the rest at your own pace. Very clear and easy to follow. I am a complete beginner and I have finished the first volume. Good work Center Stage Ukulele.”

“CSUA is a great opportunity to learn the Ukulele. I did not have any prior musical experience and I’ve had no trouble moving through the lessons. They are broken down well and are easy to follow. CSUA has done an excellent job putting the program together.”

“This was such a great deal and the lessons are so easy… you can play a song in such a short period of time. Center Stage Ukulele Academy is the best way to be introduced to playing an instrument.”

“I like the layout of the site and the lesson progression or ability to choose by song. It’s definitely working for me. The ease of use and brief videos that can be repeated if desired is great…”

“I absolutely am thrilled about Center Stage. I am having so much fun learning how to play the Ukulele. The teachers are great.”

“I love Center Stage Ukulele. Their lessons are short and simple. If I am short on time I can squeeze in a lesson. Yet if I have a half hour I can get through several lessons. Their videos are very well done and Easy to understand.”

“I am loving it!!! I needed a question answered & they replied quickly.. I am on lesson 5 and can understand the instructions very easily. The videos are great!! I bought my granddaughter a year’s subscription too & have recommended the site to a good friend. I will not hesitate to recommend to others.”