Easy Ukulele Songs and Chords


Have you always wanted to play an instrument? Have you ever thought of the ukulele as a simple instrument that you could pick up easily and learn to play? There are quite a few easy ukulele chords that you can learn in just a few minutes that can get you started playing all sorts of easy ukulele songs on this wonderful instrument.

Ukulele Chords

One of the most common keys used in popular songs is the key of C. Ukuleles are tuned such that playing chords in the key of C is pretty easy. In fact, the C chord on a ukulele only requires one finger to be placed on the neck. Here’s a simple neck diagram showing the C chord.

Here’s a list of some easy ukulele chords found in many popular songs:

  • C major chord
  • F major chord
  • G major chord
  • A minor chord


With just these four chords you can play songs such as:

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